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March 03 2017


How to Choose Right Ceiling Fans for our Homes?

Choosing the right fan isn’t as easy as it seems. It is not all about choosing the right colour and style. There are crucial factors to be keep note of while purchasing a ceiling fan. This can enable you to enjoy maximum efficiency of your fan.

Factors you should keep note of:

Fan Position

We generally place our fans in the middle of a decently sized room and in case of large rooms; two fans are installed to allow smooth and maximum air flow.  It is advisable not to install fans over a bed, following safety measures and also before mounting two fans in a room do consult an expert for this.

Room Size

Room sizes play a key role in deciding the size of blades, number of blades in a fan and also number of fans for optimal air circulation. The larger the room size, larger should be the fan sizes or fan blades sizes from 42’’ to 52’’, depending on the room size. Also, you can consider more than one fan in a large hall type of drawing and living rooms. Kitchens and bathrooms can have portable ceiling fans of around 30’’ or even the wall mounted ones.

Room Height

Rooms with low ceiling may not need down rod to hang the fan to an exact position. If the ceilings heights are more than 11 or 12 feet then extended down rods might be required. 7 feet to 9 feet height above the ground/floor level should be considered as a safe height to hang a fan in India. For better air circulation, the most ideal position is 8 feet to 9 feet above the floor. Always fix a fan at least 7 feet about the floor, even if you have to mount it close to the ceiling. If it hangs low, it can hit somebody’s head and cause serious injury.


Do consult a qualified electrician to fix your electricity lines before you plan to buy ceiling fans. Get your connections checked thoroughly so that there is not overload on your circuits. If needed run a new circuit from the main electricity panel.

Quality and Performance

Always ensure you buy best ceilings fans for large rooms as well as small rooms, without getting carried away by misleading advertisements here and there. A cheap fan from unknown manufacturers may be troublesome, as they are not manufactured under strict quality measures. They may not circulate good air, nor would be durable. Besides would also make unbearable noise. An unknown manufacturer or supplier may not even give any warranty of the product sold and they don’t have any authenticity as such too.

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